Certified Wellness Grade

A New Standard in Wellness Tea Quality

Because of a lack of quality standards for tea production, Sorvana has developed the industry’s highest standard of excellence for wellness teas, which we have branded as Certified Wellness Grade or CWG. Developed with the cooperation of experts in dietary supplement formulation, agricultural science, tea production and food safety, CWG is a comprehensive process that monitors, tests and verifies tea quality Рfrom field to cup.

Sorvana’s CWG trademark represents our commitment to bring you 100% pure, safe, natural, and authentic ingredients, picked at their peak, so that you may enjoy consistently delicious taste, aroma, and wellness benefits in every cup.

The CWG Quality Process

Each Wellness Tea by Sorvana goes through an exacting 4-step protocol to guarantee you the finest teas available to support your optimal health and wellness.

CWG Step 1: Sourcing

A true Certified Wellness Grade product begins at the source. Our highly experienced Tea Masters travel throughout the world sourcing only premium quality teas and botanicals that are known to have significant health benefits.

These experts understand all of the quality aspects that separate a world-class wellness tea from one that is just ordinary. There are many factors involved, and they are different for each type of tea and herb. These include elevation, climate, optimal harvest time and curing processes.

CWG Step 2: Purchasing

Our ultra-premium loose leaf teas and herbs are purchased in peak season and shipped as soon after the harvest as possible so that they arrive in the freshest state.

Before a shipment of any incoming ingredient is authorized and accepted, our expert Tea Masters screen pre-shipment samples for taste, aroma, color, and appearance.

CWG Step 3: Ingredient Testing

All incoming ingredients are tested for identity, purity, and to check for the presence of microbes. This is done by use of a combination of techniques, both cutting-edge and age-old.

CWG Step 4: Handling and Processing

Our ingredients are handled with the utmost care to prevent any loss of quality or potency. Our state-of-the-art organic certified facilities operate under strict HACCP food safety standards and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Only after our exacting 4 Step Certified Wellness Grade quality process has been completed can we call our teas, Wellness Tea by L’dara.

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I have seen first-hand the tremendous health promoting powers of wellness teas. But not at wellness teas are created equal. Sorvana is raising the quality standard with our CWG Certified Wellness Grade teas so you can now experience consistently pure, effective, high quality wellness teas in every cup! Our commitment to you is to bring you the safest and most beneficial wellness teas available in the world today!

Raymond J. Faltinsky
CEO, President and Founder, Sorvana International