Commitment to Science

The Sorvana Story is very simple. As a young 15-year old, Ray Faltinsky saw his Mom suffering from a crippling disease that doctors had no answers for. They told her she would be confined to a wheel chair within just a few years. But then she was introduced to natural wellness products that profoundly changed her life and reversed her condition. After this experience, Ray became a passionate advocate for the difference natural wellness products could make in people’s lives and set a goal to bring such products to people around the world.

Ray knew that the key to creating natural wellness products that were effective was by utilizing science. So he assembled an all-star team of scientists and researchers who have created 46 of the most cutting edge, effective wellness products on the market today.

Sorvana has invested well over $5 million in research and development in creating their product line. They have assembled research scientists from some of the greatest universities in the world, including Columbia University, Cornell University and Tufts University. They have nearly 50 scientific studies either published in leading medical journals or presented at major scientific conferences. Sorvana has several patents and patents pending on their products. They have won numerous industry awards and appeared on some of the most famous talk shows in the world.

Research on Sorvana’s cutting-edge products has been published in several prestigious peer-reviewed medical publications and presented at numerous scientific meetings around the world, including: The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine; Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences; Nutrition Research; Journal of Medicinal Food; and Obesity: a Research Journal.

Sorvana has utilized testing of its products with randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical studies (the “gold standard” of human clinical studies) to ensure optimal efficacy and potency. This unparalleled dedication to product quality sets Sorvana apart from virtually any other natural wellness company in the world.